Quirky Bunny

Quirky Bunny was dreamt into being during the month of May, 2011. I wanted a place where I could sell rabbit inspired art and donate a portion of the proceeds to various rabbit charities. This cause has become very important to me because of a very special rabbit named Hopper.

On January 29, 2011, I stepped outside my house and to my surprise, I spotted a furry grey and white creature hopping around the corner of the house. A week later, I caught sight of the rabbit again. Pretty soon, we started seeing this beautiful bunny nearly every day. By the last week in April, I was able to rescue him and introduce him to a new life with our family and a new name, Hopper, courtesy of my seven year old niece.

Hopper the quirky bunny

Since then, I have grown to appreciate what beautiful, smart, and loving creatures these rabbits are. Hopper has touched my heart and I’d love to pay back the blessings I have received from him by giving back to charities that help rabbits.

That’s how Quirky Bunny was born. In the Quirky Bunny section of my shop, you will find artwork inspired by rabbits. Every piece of art I create that features a bunny will be for sale in this section. And for every piece of art sold, I will donate 20% to the House Rabbit Society.

The House Rabbit Society is an international non-profit organization that rescues rabbits and educates people about them, too. They are a wonderful organization chock full of valuable information about rabbits. They can be found at http://www.rabbit.org. I have turned them to many times as I have educated myself about Hopper and his needs.

My future goal, when I have created enough bunny art and products, is to open up a shop just for Quirky Bunny. Please spread the word about Quirky Bunny and I appreciate your support! If you have any questions or suggestions or even just want to share a photo or story about your own bunny, feel free to contact me at quirkybunny@gmail.com or I am available on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/quirkybunny.


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